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About Us

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     PEGASUS FOOD CO.,LTD was established in March 2010, a manufacturing factory strategically located at Songkhla Province, South of Thailand, for TUNA, SARDINE/MACKEREL & related canned seafood, for exports to global food market

     Starting with basic manufacturing facilities of 4 lines of production for Tuna, Sardine/Mackerel in 2010, Pegasus Food today is expanded to 5 individual Tuna Production lines & 5 individual Production lines in Sardine/Mackerel, with most advance processing units averaging daily production of 5 Containers in 2014.

     Pegasus Food has witnessed its continued & brisk growth in Exports and Production capacity, because of its company policies based on commitments of honesty, truthfulness & hard work. Consistency in Product quality through latest processing technology, along with tough Sales strategies were helpful in reaching out more of trustful customers, in variety of location of world countries.

      In the pipeline, Pegasus is committed on its plan to increase its productivity in cycles be adding another 4 production lines within this year of 2014. Our relentless effort on not only maintenance of high level Quality Product, but on improving them further up, have been the major attraction for our existing and new customers. Our clientele base is built on trust for our excellence in providing premium fish-related canned food with quality services.

     Today, Pegasus Food had emerged as one of the leading & notable enterprises of Fish processor of Thailand.

Company Profile

Company Vision:

     Pegasus Food is committed on best solution in providing ‘’World Class Quality Canned Seafood’’ with maximum range in quickest possible time.With the commitment on best of Customer Satisfaction, Pegasus Food is committed to following key Points of its policie.

Fast - Priority to ensure every buyer are answered on any and every querry on the same day.

Punctual - Shipment timing of each order to be maintained at within 4 weeks, irrespective of external circumstances.
Quality Compliance - Every Food Can prepared by Pegasus Food is in accordance with established specified international & universal standard procedures, to comply on quality.
Rule Compliance - To follow every International laws of trading standards, health, safety.
Flexibility – Our varied worldwide experience allows us to be reactive on fulfilling the variety on requirements – depending on consumer taste. Service – Our expert & experienced team in Logistics are well equipped to affix best of shipping line at best freight charges, in quickest possible time. Also our local in-house trucks and other vehicles support to this.
Company Vision

Company Values

     Pegasus Food today enjoys the presence of business partners in over 100 countries, for whom we as manufacturer in Thailand are committed to following core value

- Honest, Efficient & Trustworthy to all our partners
- Dependable, Reliable & Loyal to all partners based all around world.
- Creative and Innovative in every new venture of Products.
- Commitment on maintaining excellent standard of quality of Product as well as our own internal factory environment.
- Commitment to community services
Company Values

Company Mission Statement

     Pegasus Food is committed to be a premier provider of Best Quality & Variety Canned food at Competitive price, being profitable & growth oriented organization, with best satisfaction of all its internal members.

Company Mission Statement
Our Product

We're Pegasus Food.

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SKIPJACK TUNA (Katsuwonus pelamis) : Light meat tuna Chunk, Flake, Solid
LONGTAIL-TUNA (Thunnus tonggol) : White meat tuna Chunk, Flake, Solid
Media : In vegetable Oil / In Sunflower Oil / In Brine / In Tomato Sauce.
Formula : with vegetable / With Chilli / with sweet corn / With Jalapeño.
Packing Sizes : 95gms / 140gms / 150gms / 160gms / 170gms / 185gms / 200gms / 425gms / 1000gms / 1700gms / 1850gms / 1880gms.
Cans types : labeling / printed.


SARDINE: (Sardinella Longiceps, Sardinella Gibbosa)
MACKEREL: (Rastrelliger kanagurta, Rastrelliger brachysoma)
Media: In tomato sauce / in natural oil / in vegetable oil.
Formula: with Chilli / fillet
Packing sizes: 125gms / 155gms / 200gms / 425gms.
Canned types: Jidney / oval (215gms, 425gms) / labeling / printed.


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Address & Directions:


Factory: 68/2 Moo -6, T.Tumnob. A.Singhakorn, Songkhla 90280, Thailand.
Tel & Fax: +6621070277/ +66866970099

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Contact Person:
Mr. Montre Mahattanadul
Mobile : +66615965249